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DOT has been always asking BSNL to submit the pension papers of retiring staff six months before their retirement. Corporate Office has issued several instructions, reminders and reminders again to Circles in this regard. But, there is no impact for all these.
On 27-6-2017, the Corporate Office of BSNL has issued another letter to Circles quoting the Data.
During the four months of November 2016, December 2016, January 2017 and February 2017 3653 employees retired from BSNL. Only in 1562 cases (42%) Pension has been sanctioned. BSNL has not submitted the pension papers in 1567 cases. 524 cases are pending in CCA offices. 
Just remember that in P&T, thereafter in DOT also, there was no delay in sanctioning pension. Many of us got the PPOs on the day of retirement or within a week. 
Now, in BSNL nobody cares the people retiring. 
Rate of the Fixed Medical Allowance being granted to central government pensioners is raised from the existing Rs 500 per month to Rs 1000 per month. Five lakh central government pensioners who are not covered by the CGHS shall be benefited by this hike.
The Cabinet has today approved revision of HRA and other allowances for the serving central government employees. The new HRA rate is 24%, 16% and 8% of the revised basic Pay. It takes place from 1-7-2017. Employees have been demanding it from 1-1-2016.
Formal orders are awaited.
On 16-12-2016, the honourable CAT, Principal Bench, New Delhi delivered its judgement in the pension anomaly case filed by our association.The last paragraph of the judgement is quoted below.
".... 25. There is, therefore, no ground whatsoever for the respondents to deny the benefit of formula adopted in OM dated18.10.1999. The impugned order dated 15.01.2003 is thus quashed with direction to the respondents to refix pension of the applicants from the date of their retirement in the same manner as calculated for Central Government employees/ Public Sector Undertaking like FCI by adopting the formula as contained in OM dated 18.10.1999 and give notional benefit of the IDA pay scales and, thereafter, grant all consequential benefits from the date of retirement in accordance with law. We fix a time frame of 90days from the receipt of a certified copy of this order for implementation of our directions. No costs.
P.K. Basu,( MemberA), (Justice M.S. Sullar (Member J)...."
Now, six months have since passed. Department has not yet honoured the Judgement. When enquired in Directorate, it was told that DOT had asked the Government Advocate to file an appeal petition in High Court. To avoid an ex-parte decision by High Court we immediately filed a caveat petition in the HC. No Appeal has been filed so far. Three months have passed since then also. Now, we are consulting our advocate about filing contempt of Court Petition in CAT.

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