Wednesday, 30 August 2017

According to the official information, 10397 cases are still pending as on 31-7-2017 for pension revision with 78.2% IDR benefit. Total number of BSNL pensioners retired before 10-6-2013 is 133535. Out of that, 123138 cases have been settled. BSNL offices have not yet forwarded 7675 cases. CCA offices have sent back 2196 cases for various reasons. So, total cases pending with BSNL offices is 9871. 526 cases are pending with CCA offices also.
A statement showing Circlewise figures is attached here. 78.2-pending-cases-on-july-31.xlsx
[We can not take the above figures as correct or perfect. DoT had released a statement in March 2017 showing the Circle-wise figures as on 28-2-2017. According to that statement, the total number of pensioners was 139835. Whereas, this time it is shown as 133535. In Maharastra Circle, according to the previous statement there were 16121 pensioners. Now it is shown as 9428. This is the credibility of official information.... PSR.]

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