Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Hats off Comrade!

There were about 9 cases of 78.2 pending with CPPC BG since 2016. Even though DOT CELL has issued sanction the PENSION for about 9 members who are having A/C in CANARA BANK were not revised by CPPC BG.  Letters to CPPC even from DOT CELL had no result. As a last measure our Asst. Secretary COM.Veerachamy was deputed to BG with full details along with SB A/C of all the nine members. Com. Veerachamy had been to BG on 14/02/18 met the Manager CPPC BG in person. After detailed and sincere efforts of Com. Veerachamy PENSION was revised w.r.t 78.2 orders for all the 9 members on that day itself and arrears were also credited. It is a great achievement for us. The credit for this immediate action by CPPC BG goes to Com. Veerachamy.

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